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     The Painted Prosthetic Project brings artists from around the U.S. together for a cause.  We are having artists both big and small paint old prosthetic legs, which will then be put in an online auction to help wounded veterans and homeless veterans get back on their feet!  100% of all money from this project will be going to the non profit organization Warriors Pathfinder.  A great charity.

     All artists involved have 6 months with the prosthetic leg to do their thing.  They have free reign with the design/art.  They will be documenting the process with photos that we will be posting.  After the legs are complete they will be professionally photographed and put on display at several art galleries. They will then be auction off in an online auction, after which we will have a coffee table book about the project and the prosthetic legs available for purchase

James is owner of Carmine Boutique an oddities and curiosities shop in Orlando, FL. He is also combat wounded veteran who served several years in the Middle East in support of OIF and OEF . James used his experienceof his personal recovery from PTSD and injuries sustained in combat to help his fellow veterans. He founded the Warriors Pathfinder Program headquartered in Orlando, FL

Jon Palestini

Jon is a professional body piercer by trade.  He also runs Malum & Mortis a company dedicated to his art.  He created this project as a way to give back through art.  As a teenager going through tough time, the world of art and how art can change things for the better was shown to him by the artist Todd Marrone.  Art gave Jon so much and he wants to use art to give to others in return.  Todd Marrone sadly passed away in 2013.  This project is dedicated to him

James Bisset

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  • Come to the gallery show Jan 6th or bid on the legs during the online auction starting January 21st 2017
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  • Donate to this project.  Donations are used to help with all the shipping, running the site, and for publicity.  Any left over money will go directly to Warrior Pathfinders.